Demetris Koilalous was born in Athens.

Between 1980 and 1989 he was based in the UK where he studied ‘Urban and Regional Planning’ in Edinburgh and ‘Geography’ in London. He took up photography in 1982

He returned to Greece in 1990 and since that time he has been working as a freelance photographer, specializing in portrait, theatre and advertising photography. He has worked with most advertising companies in Greece for national and international campaigns, as well as with many public and private organizations (such as ‘the National Theatre of Greece’, ‘the National Theatre of Northern Greece’, ‘Regional’ and ‘Municipal’ theatres of Greece, the ‘Municipality of the city of Athens’, the three major Greek political parties for their national campaigns between 1998 and 2006, the ‘Olympic Games Committee’, the ‘National Bank of Greece’, the ‘Ionian Bank’, the ‘Benaki Museum’, the ‘National Tourist Organization’, the ‘Chios Mastiha Growers Association’, etc), and his work has been published extensively in most Greek magazines and newspapers (namely ‘Mme Figaro’, Marie Claire’, ‘Votre Beauté’, ‘Playboy’, ‘Metro’, ‘E’, etc) throughout these years. During the same period he has photographed numerous theatrical plays performed by prominent organizations and artists, among which, Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater.

After 2000, his focus has shifted to the international musical industry.

Since 2004 he has been teaching photography in various private and public institutions.

In 2005 he created with his students the ‘Sympligada’ photography group

His works are found in private collections and in the collection of the MThPh.

After 2004 the most important activities that he was involved in are the following:

2007       “The South”, presented at the Goethe Institute in Athens

2009      “Earth/Tracks” participation in the exhibition for the Prix Pictet Awards, Museum of Photography of  Thessaloniki (ThMPhoto); curated by Gabriel Bauret & Vangelis Ioakimidis

2010       “déjà vu” participation/projection in the 21st photobiennale of Thessaloniki 'TOPOS'; the Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki

2011 ●      commissioned by the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki to photograph contemporary Lebanon as part of government project “Thessaloniki at the crossroads of civilizations” initiated by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Tourism

2012    “Lebanese Notebook; AntiParadise” exhibited in Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki

“ORIENTED AND DISORIENTED IN THE MIDDLE EAST” curated by the director of ThMPhoto, Vangelis Ioakimidis

2012    “Lebanese Notebook; AntiParadise” exhibited in PhotoMed festival “TROIS PHOTOGRAPHES GRECS AU MOYEN-ORIEN D’AUJOURD’HUI” Toulon; curated by Vangelis Ioakimidis

2012    “Lebanese Notebook; AntiParadise” presented in “FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA” at Reggio Emilia by curator Nina Kassianou

2013     starts “Heterotopia” -an ongoing project about contemporary Israel, supported by ThMPhoto

2015    assigned by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation to photograph sites and people of Chios Island for the Chios Mastic Museum

2015      “Lebanese Notebook; AntiParadise” exhibited in Chios Photo Festival, Chios, Greece

2016-06 “CAESURA the duration of a sigh” exhibited in Athens Photo Festival;“MISPLACED-DISPLACED” Benaki Museum; Athens

2017-05 “CAESURA” shortlisted and exhibited in “Les Boutographies” Festival; Monpellier.

2017-05 “CAESURA” shortlisted and exhibited in Cardiff International Festival of Photography "ZEITGEIST"; Wales Millennium Centre

2017-05 “CAESURA” shortlisted and exhibited in PhotoIreland Festival "THE RECOUNT OF CONFLICT";

at Pallas Projects Studios, Dublin

2017-05 “CAESURA” shortlisted & exhibited in documentary series at KOLGA Tbilisi Photo Festival,

Tbilisi Georgia

2017-05 “HETEROTOPIA” shortlisted & exhibited in Conceptual Series at KOLGA Tbilisi Photo Festival,

Tbilisi Georgia

2017-05 “CAESURA” 1st prize “Head On Mobile Prizes 2017” Head On Photo Festival, Sydney Australia

2017-05 “CAESURA” 2nd prize “Head On Portrait Prizes 2017” Head On Photo Festival, Sydney Australia

2017-05 “CAESURA” EXHIBITOR’s choice 1st place Award, Santa Fe Photo Festival, New Mexico, USA

2017-06 “HETEROTOPIA” 1st prize, YICCA International Awards 2017, Italy, and exhibition in Rooster Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2017-08   “CAESURA” shortlisted and exhibited in Aperture Summer Open, “FREEDOM”, Aperture, N.Y, USA

2017-09   “CAESURA” SPECIAL SELECT Juror’s 1st place Award, Kuala-Lumpur International Photo Awards 2017, “FAMILY” Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

2017-10       “CAESURA” group exhibition “LOCAL STORIES”; LM Gallery, Piraeus-GREECE

2018-01 “CAESURA” participation in group exhibition “Critical Archives III: IdentitiesMEDPHOTO FESTIVAL; Museum of Modern Art Rethymno; GREECE

2018-07 “CAESURA” published by KEHRER VERLAG authors: Bill Kouwenhoven/ Demetris Koilalous

2019-03 “CAESURA” solo exhibition Benaki Museum; Athens, Greece

and has received the following awards:

Santa Fe Photo Festival (N. Mexico USA), Exhibitor’s choice 2017 1st place Award for CAESURA

Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards 2017 “FAMILY”, “Photo Stories” category, 1st place Award for CAESURA

FOTOFILMIC “Solo II exhibition Award” Nov 2017 Runner Up for HETEROTOPIA – Juried by Alec Soth

Renaissance Photography Prize 2017 “Borders” & “Life” categories, finalist for CAESURA

PDN “Storytellers” 2017 theme runner up for CAESURA

Life-FRAMER “Series Award” 2017 runner up for CAESURA

YICCA International Awards 2017 Italy, 1st prize for “HETEROTOPIA”

Head On Photo Festival (Australia), “Head On Mobile” Prizes 2017 1st prize for CAESURA

Head On Photo Festival (Australia), “Head On Portrait” Prizes 2017 2nd prizefor CAESURA

Life-FRAMER, “Still Life” 2017 theme 1st prize for CAESURA

Life-FRAMER, “Youthhood” 2017 theme runner up for CAESURA

the book “CAESURA , the duration of a sigh” which was published by KEHRER VERLAG [authors: Bill Kouwenhoven and Demetris Koilalous] has received the following awards and distinctions:

April 2019 Chosen and exhibited in 2019 Photobook exhibition in PhotoWien

June 2019 Shortlisted in Belfast Photo Festival 2019

June 2019silver award for documentary Book, Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018