“OKEANOS-I” is a double ended ferryboat,built in the shipbuilding district of Perama next to the port of Piraeus in Greece.Perama,which has a centenarian tradition in shipbuilding has experienced an enormous decline,worsened by the current economic crisis,leading to extremely high unemployment rates and to a deterioration in the quality of services and working conditions.The building of “OKEANOS-I” –one of the biggest vessels ever built in Perama since the 70’s- employed more than 200 technicians and workers for over a year,probably constitutes a sign of recovery,in a period of restructuring of the Greek economy-part of which has been a privatization plan of the port of Piraeus.The documentation of the building of “OKEANOS-I” pays tribute to what appears to be a gradual rebirth of the old traditional shipbuilding activities of the area,by emphasizing the geometric and modernistic elements of the work,in an attempt to bring out its real, but also its symbolic significance

© demetris koilalous